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The Pebble and the Canyon Book
The Pebble and the Canyon
by Felix M. Scardino“Felix Scardino offers readers practical tools to search and discover the depth of their own wisdom. Moving beyond simple positive thinking, he serves as a trusted guide along the rocky terrain of our inner and external lives. The Pebble and the Canyon helps bridge the gap between those two worlds, ultimately leading us toward greater utilization of our creative center.”John Bradshaw, NY Times best-selling author Bradshaw On: Healing the Shame that Binds You.

An ancient idea suggests that we are amphibians, living at once on the surface of our minds and within unseen depths. This leads us to feel we have two selves. The surface self we are most familiar with can serve us well, but it is very hit or miss and short-sighted when compared to our deeper self.

The Pebble and the Canyon will help you awaken each morning anticipating what you are creating, rather than worrying about what you fear. It will support you through life’s rough and unpredictable changes, including those of career, divorce, and grief; assist you in finding your niche, and thus your sense of purpose and passion; suggest ways to fire your imagination with creative thoughts; and, improve your health through practices that reduce stress and encourage healing.

The Pebble and the Canyon, 165 pages, hardcover, $24.95
ISBN-10: 0980006155
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Guided Relaxation CD
Guided Relaxation
by Felix M. Scardino
“I got the cassette many years ago from my therapist and I listen to it almost every night to help me with my insomnia…You speak slowly and allow long pauses between phrases…Your voice doesn’t jump in volume…The sound of the stream at the end just carries me away…It reminds me of the small Pennsylvania mountain streams I would sit by or soak in when I was young.”–Anonymous, Seabrook, TXThis beautiful CD takes you to a deep level of relaxation. Use it to relieve stress, anxiety and pain, and to promote concentration, meditation and creativity. Two soothing exercises, each followed by the calming sounds of a flowing creek, dissolve tension and lull you into deep rest.Guided Relaxation CD $12

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